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Looking for the best SaaS sales talent?

We recruit and enable sales professionals based on first-hand experience in SaaS sales.

Unite. Empower. Succeed. 

Powered by real first-hand knowledge of the SaaS industry, DynamicWhale specialises in connecting expert SaaS sales professionals with ambitious start-ups and scale-ups. Our industry-leading SaaS sales enablement program then ensures that they are empowered with the knowledge and skills to exceed expectations in their new role. 

The better way to recruit sales talent

Find talent faster

Due to our experience in the SaaS industry, we are able to efficiently identify and qualify the most suitable candidates, and introduction typically occurs within 7 days

No more bad hires

We are able to empathise with the requirements of both companies and candidates, and aim to ensure a perfect match for both parties

Accelerated Ramp-up

All candidates have access to our industry-leading software sales enablement program, helping them to ramp-up faster and make an immediate impact

Flexible Services

We offer a range of services to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our Talent as a Service (TaaS) model for startups elminiates the need for a large upfront fee.

How we collaborate - our process


We will get together on a call, or in person, to discuss your objectives for scaling your go-to-market organisation. During this conversation, we will agree on the full list of requirements for your ICP (ideal candidate profile), as well as align on the recruitment process, timelines, and the level of sales-enablement that will be required to ensure the successful onboarding of your new hires.


Based on the ICP identified in the intake call, we will proactively engage with the market, engaging with both new candidates and with our extensive existing network, to identify a shortlist of candidates that precisely match your requirements. We then qualify these candidates to the highest standard over a series of engagements using a variety of cutting edge techniques, to ensure that the candidates we propose possess all of the attributes required to have an immediate positive impact on your business.


Once we are satisfied that candidates have been sufficiently qualified, then, and only then, will we introduce them to your organisation. We will continue to work with you to facilitate interviews, and collaborate closely as you continue to assess candidates until you are satisfied that they are a precisely the right fit for your organisation.

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Referring to the predetermined onboarding requirements, we will partner with you to execute the successful enablement and onboarding of new hires, ensuring a fast and successful ramp-up time, and reduced time-to-productivity.


For candidates

We work with some of the most promising SaaS organisations and can provide you access to exclusive career opportunities as well as specialist coaching based on first-hand experience in SaaS sales.

For companies

Our work doesn't end once we successfully place a candidate. We partner closely with our clients to ensure a quick and successful ramp-up of their new hires, resulting in a fast and reliable ROI.

Join our referral program

Individuals who facilitate successful introductions to new candidates and/or clients can have a huge positive impact on our success. That’s why we’ve created a referral program that rewards those who refer business to us.

Our Testimonials

I couldn't believe how easy it was to showcase my talents on Dynamic Whale! The platform is user-friendly and helped me connect with industry professionals. Thanks to Dynamic Whale, I landed my dream job!

Dyas Kardinal CEO

Dynamic Whale helped me take my passion for music to the next level. Their talent hunt competition gave me the exposure I needed to launch my career as a professional musician. I am forever grateful!

Kumto Warming Developer

Dynamic Whale is a game-changer in the entertainment industry. This platform connects performers with industry experts and offers incredible opportunities to showcase their talents. I highly recommend it!

Elsa Verina Designer

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