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We provide SaaS sales professionals with access to unique career opportunities with exciting organisations, and offer impartial support and guidance to ensure their continued success.

Our Process


We will get together on a call, or in person, to discuss your objectives for scaling your go-to-market organisation. During this conversation, we will agree on the full list of requirements for your ICP (ideal candidate profile), as well as align on the recruitment process, timelines, and the level of sales-enablement that will be required to ensure the successful onboarding of your new hires.


Based on the ICP identified in the intake call, we will proactively engage with the market, engaging with both new candidates and with our extensive existing network, to identify a shortlist of candidates that precisely match your requirements. We then qualify these candidates to the highest standard over a series of engagements using a variety of cutting edge techniques, to ensure that the candidates we propose possess all of the attributes required to have an immediate positive impact on your business.


Once we are satisfied that candidates have been sufficiently qualified, then, and only then, will we introduce them to your organisation. We will continue to work with you to facilitate interviews, and collaborate closely as you continue to assess candidates until you are satisfied that they are a precisely the right fit for your organisation.

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Referring to the predetermined onboarding requirements, we will partner with you to execute the successful enablement and onboarding of new hires, ensuring a fast and successful ramp-up time, and reduced time-to-productivity.


Apply now

If you are interested in exploring new potential job opportunities in SaaS sales, but you can’t find the role you are looking for on our site, we encourage you to leave your details with us. We have a strong network in the software sales industry, and can provide you with exclusive career opportunities that perfectly match your skills and experience, career progression aspirations, compensation requirements and cultural desires. We are always on the lookout for talented sales professionals.

Why candidates work with us

DynamicWhale specialises in executive search for SaaS sales, driven by a passion for helping professionals advance their careers in this industry. With our own background in quota-carrying SaaS sales roles, we are uniquely qualified to understand and emphasize your career aspirations.
Success in SaaS sales requires a combination of qualities that we refer to as PHD: persistence, heart, and desire. Professionals in this industry must be able to pivot quickly and adapt to new circumstances while remaining passionate about the value that their product provides and remaining driven to reach new heights of success.

At DynamicWhale, we are committed to helping candidates develop and hone these essential qualities, to succeed in SaaS sales. Whether you are starting your career or looking to take the next step, we can guide you toward the opportunities that best fit your unique strengths and aspirations.
If you are a SaaS sales professional looking to advance your career, or if you know someone who would benefit from our services, please get in touch with us today. Our background in SaaS sales allows us to perfectly emphasize your career aspirations, and provide the guidance, support, and resources needed to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

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