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Maximising SaaS Sales success as an AE by avoiding these 6 common mistakes

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As the world of sales continues to evolve, it is essential for salespeople in the SaaS industry to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. In this article, we will explore some common mistakes that traditional salespeople make and how to avoid them to maximise success in SaaS sales.

1. Reluctance to Generate New Pipeline:

One common mistake made by traditional SaaS salespeople is reluctance to generate new pipeline. By relying solely on existing customers, growth opportunities may be limited, and the business may be vulnerable to market changes and churn. To avoid this mistake, salespeople must remain proactive and engage in cold outreach with new prospects. Learn more about maximising your chances of success with our article on How to Maximise the Returns from Your PG Efforts.

2. Relying on Run-Rate Business in Existing Customer Accounts:

While it is important to maintain existing customer relationships, relying solely on run-rate business in existing customer accounts can limit long-term growth opportunities. To avoid this mistake, SaaS salespeople should focus on both maintaining existing customer relationships and actively seeking out new business opportunities.

3. Maintaining a Single Point of Contact:

Collaboration is key to a successful sale, and relying on a single point of contact can limit your chances of success. Encourage other members of your team, such as pre-sales, sales development representatives, customer success managers, and senior leadership, to build relationships with counterparts in the customer’s organisation and engage multiple points of contact.

4. Failure to Stimulate Autonomy Across the Team:

To avoid confusion and inefficiencies, SaaS salespeople should encourage team members to take ownership of their work and work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. Provide team members with the necessary resources and support to take ownership of their work, and encourage them to collaborate with other members of the team.

5. Incorrectly Leveraging Pre-Sales Resources:

Pre-sales resources are an essential part of the SaaS sales process. Salespeople should work closely with pre-sales resources to ensure they have the information and support they need to make successful sales. To avoid this mistake, prioritise working closely with pre-sales resources and involve them in the sales process as early as possible.

6. Failure to Build Productive Relationships with SDRs:

By building strong relationships with sales development representatives, SaaS salespeople can ensure they have a steady stream of high-quality leads to work with. To avoid this mistake, take the time to nurture a strong relationship with your SDR and help them understand what is required to achieve success in the team.


By avoiding these common mistakes and embracing a more collaborative and innovative approach, SaaS salespeople can achieve greater success in their work. Conduct PG sessions, work collaboratively with the team, diversify the customer base, encourage autonomy, leverage pre-sales resources effectively, and build productive relationships with SDRs to maximise your chances of success in SaaS sales.

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