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We work with promising start-ups and scale-ups to provide access to the very best sales talent available on the market today, and use our SaaS sales expertise to ensure a perfect match. 

Why organisations work with us

We help ambitious SaaS organisations to execute on their growth objectives, by matching them with the best sales talent, and ensuring their successful onboarding and enablement.

Due to our first-hand experience in SaaS sales, we understand exactly what is required to be successful in the industry, and as such are able to qualify candidates to the highest possible standard.

Our partnership continues after successful placement, as we work closely with candidates to ensure that they are fully enabled for success via our specially tailored sales enablement program focused on pipeline generation and qualification, which is tested and approved by our advisors who are currently working in the SaaS industry.

The better way to recruit SaaS sales talent

Find talent faster

Due to our extensive experience and network in the SaaS industry, we are able to efficiently identify and qualify the most suitable candidates, with the aim of introducing them to you within 7 days of the assignment.

No more bad hires

Our first-hand experience in quota-carrying SaaS sales roles enables us to empathise with the requirements of both companies and candidates, ensuring a perfect match every time.

Accelerated Ramp-up

All candidates have access to our industry-leading software sales enablement program, helping them to ramp-up faster and begin generating revenue for your organisation sooner.

Flexible Services

We offer a range of services to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our Talent as a Service (TaaS) model for startups elminiates the need for a large upfront fee.

Our Process


We will get together on a call, or in person, to discuss your objectives for scaling your go-to-market organisation. During this conversation, we will agree on the full list of requirements for your ICP (ideal candidate profile), as well as align on the recruitment process, timelines, and the level of sales-enablement that will be required to ensure the successful onboarding of your new hires.


Based on the ICP identified in the intake call, we will proactively engage with the market, engaging with both new candidates and with our extensive existing network, to identify a shortlist of candidates that precisely match your requirements. We then qualify these candidates to the highest standard over a series of engagements using a variety of cutting edge techniques, to ensure that the candidates we propose possess all of the attributes required to have an immediate positive impact on your business.


Once we are satisfied that candidates have been sufficiently qualified, then, and only then, will we introduce them to your organisation. We will continue to work with you to facilitate interviews, and collaborate closely as you continue to assess candidates until you are satisfied that they are a precisely the right fit for your organisation.

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Referring to the predetermined onboarding requirements, we will partner with you to execute the successful enablement and onboarding of new hires, ensuring a fast and successful ramp-up time, and reduced time-to-productivity.


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SaaS roles we recruit

We specialise in recruiting top-tier talent for individual contributor, sales management, and leadership positions.

Individual Contributors

Sales Management & Leadership

SaaS product expertise

DynamicWhale works with B2B SaaS companies across growth stages and market segments, from well-funded startups to mid-market and enterprise businesses.

Our services

Retained Services

Our retainer-based service requires an upfront fee before performing recruitment activities on your behalf. With this commitment, we are able to deploy dedicated headhunting resources in order to proactively identify and qualify candidates which precisely meet your requirements. This approach is more of a partnership and will ensure that our organisations work closely together throughout the duration of the search (and beyond), ensuring that we identify and successfully hire the perfect talent for your organisation.

Contingency Services

Our contingency service works on a 'no cure, no pay' basis, meaning that if we are unable to provide you with talent that meets your requirements, no fee is required. This works well for organisations that work with multiple agencies and prefer the flexibility to choose from a wide array of candidates. With contingency work however, you are typically less likely to be presented with candidates that meet your specific requirements, and instead, you tend to receive a large volume of resumes so that competing agencies have the highest chance of proposing a successful candidate.

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